L2 SN Classic
Hello everyone and welcome to L2 SN Classic Saviors!

Our server was started on the 28th of January 2019.
We are a very dedicated team willing to bring you, once again, the feel and atmosphere of the CLASSIC Lineage 2 era.

We have several events planned as well as active protections against malicious activities. Below some information about our server.
We are waiting for you on Discord as well, at: Discord server link.

...::::::::::: SERVER INFORMATION :::::::::::...

...::::::::::: SERVER RATES :::::::::::...
Rate Experience Points = 5x
Rate Skill Points = 4x
Rate Adena = 4x
Drop Item Crafter = 2x
Spoil rate = 2x

...::::::::::: ENCHANT RATES :::::::::::...
Max Enchant Weapon = +20
Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +20
Scroll Enchant = Chance varries between 20% to 50%!
Blessed Enchant = 50% chance of success

...::::::::::: REWARDS & EVENTS :::::::::::...
Daily rewards system
Rewards for being active (monthly)
Custom events rewards
Prizes for voting our server

...::::::::::: SYSTEMS :::::::::::...
Olympiad 100%
Castle Siege 100%
Hero System 100%
Offline trade system (10 days)
All Classes are Ballanced, 100% Retail

...::::::::::: CUSTOM ITEMS :::::::::::...
All items are RETAIL, we do not have custom weapons