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L2 SN Server Rules
The following Code of Conduct aims to build a more peaceful and friendly community. We have the collaboration of the players to maintain order in our community.

1 - Stay within the law. Do not post or promote any materials that could harm or disrupt another user's computer, as well as spamming, posting or displaying pornography, implying illegality or crime, or risk having your data as E-mail and IP delivered the authorities.

2 - Rights of GMs. The GMs of L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE, at its discretion and without notice are authorized to remove postings or ban participants that are deemed objectionable.

It is the right of GMs, expelling and / or block users that are not within the code of conduct.
3 - Respect our GMs. Treat all GMs with respect, not because they are in high office, but because they are people who are giving their best, without receiving any kind of reward (monetary). The position of GM, is not a position of status, but high responsibility, so it deserves all our respect.

4 - Respect all players. Treat all other participants with respect and do not use the services of the server L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE to threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse other users.

5 - Rights of Users. All users have the right to be well served by our GMs, so if you treat any GM so unwanted, report to Admin.

6 - Bot is not allowed. Log into the server and use programs to acquire Bot XP / SP items / adena or materials will not be tolerated and the account will be banned. The use of any other program, deception or bluffing, that brings some benefit, however minimal, in detriment to the other players will be punished with suspension or permanent ban of the account. Take advantage of economic imbalances or bugs of any kind for their own benefit and not to communicate GM is also prohibited.

7 - KS is allowed. If the player is unsatisfied, may leave the playing area and seek other, fight against the individual or ignore it.

8 - PK is allowed. Be group, clan or player of the highest level. Any player can become PK. When a character commits PK (Player Killer - killing another player), it will receive a penalty of Karma. The player with Karma is subject to drop your items if killed by another player.

9 - Chars level with over 25 cities that are in the initial killing chars below lvl 20 will be punished with suspension or permanent ban in case of repetition. This rule only applies in instances where initial city. Evidence such as photographs should be sent to the map or open the command "/ loc" in the screen that is visible to the same location.

10 - Keep a minimum of respect when using the global chats (Shout, Trade and Hero Voice). The other players are under no obligation to put up anything you do not want. Swearing considered serious are subject to suspension or banishment as gravity and interpretation of GM responsible. Offend the moral L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE, swearing, insulting, accusing Staff, are subject to suspension or banishment as interpreted by the GM. This rule also applies to title clans, name chars, pets and stores private messages. Offences by private message (Whisper) and normal general chat not fit this rule, since the player can get away annoyed or simply block chat from another player.

11 - Baseless accusations analyzed by GM which become clear intentions of harming another person only, are subject to suspension, and in case of recidivism, banishment. This also applies to photos (ScreenShots) forged, edited with intent to deceive the staff and harm another player. When to report, are absolutely sure of what you're doing, or you may suffer the punishment.

12 - If GM is going through an attitude that leads to an immediate ban. It is also not allowed to use in titles clans to impersonate GMs. Threaten, coerce and blackmail other players are going through relative or friend of the GM, is prohibited.

13 - It is banned by players trade items, equipment or chars in exchange for "real money" or "real products" (barter). If proven fact, the ban will be immediate. Nor char not buy items from anyone. If discovered you lose everything. someone offers you a "sale" of any item or char, take a SS of the screen and send it to the administration. Report!

14 - The sale (or exchange for items) all in the game, as well as advertise the sale. If proven that the account was sold, it will definitely be banned.

15 - Do not ask teleport, items, equipment, weapons, or any other item that the benefits to GM's. The abuse of this attitude will cause your suspension and in extreme cases or recurrence, banishment. The GM did not return items missing, either on account of theft by bugs or any other unusual event, except in cases that are tried and found items with those responsible. The GM does not "create" items to give players, so please be kind enough to not insist. We found that in many instances the disappearance of items is irresponsible for the player, for not taking proper care of its own by providing your username and password to friends, relatives or even carelessness with the location where logs (Computer of others) or lack of prevention of viruses, trojans or keyloggers on your own computer. Insist on devolution, or transgress any rule due to the "disappearance" of items may result in penalty to your character. You're playing in L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE being aware and according to the rules.

16 - disrupt the progress of events, transgressing the rules of the same purposeful way, get any advantage over the other players or flooding the chat with intent to disrupt the smooth conduct is prohibited. This attitude can lead to jail or temporary suspension according to the interpretation of GM. In extreme cases or recurrence, permanent ban.

17 - Create accounts ghosts in the forum or in-game impersonating another person with intent to deceive or confuse Staff and Players, is prohibited. The penalty is the suspension permanent ban both accounts of ghosts, as the accounts of those original players. (Both in the forum, as in-game).

18 - Create chars or accounts in the forum or in the game to spread to other servers competitors L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE.com such behavior is prohibited and will be subject to suspension or banishment as the GM trial.
19 - disrupt the movement of other players by summoning characters or scenery or pets creating private shops in places like respawn or gatekeepers is prohibited and may result in the arrest of char cage or suspension of the offender.

20 - Your account within the L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE is personal and not transferable. This means that the responsibility for your login, password and chars are the sole responsibility of the player. GMs will not move chars between accounts, items not pass to anyone, GMs do not have access to passwords of any player or the calls. If you, as a player, choose to enter your login and password to another person, any event will be your responsibility. The L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE does not recommend exchanging chars and accounts with other players, not responsible and does not engage in this type of trading in-game.

21 - Members of staff (GMs, Administrators, Moderators) may at any time change or remove previously given a punishment, according to their interpretation and subsequent analysis of each case.

22 - All rules apply here, also apply to any area related to Server L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE, as well as: Site, Chat, Forum, etc.. There will also be cases in which the punishment GM interpret as illegal, even if not listed among the above rules. The LM relation LA2 first constitution in force in the country and prohibits any apologies to act as drugs, prostitution, pedophilia, trade in firearms and any other actions that go against the law. The L2 SN GRAND GRUSADE reserves the right and duty to provide its user data such as IP, logs and dates of access to justice or police in the event of a formal request.

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